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4 ways to live a life of intention

Your Magenta Monday Magic.

Whew! What a month! We learned that Living with Intention:

  • Gets you out of the pinball machine

  • Empowers you to create a life you love

  • Liberates you from the constraints of goals

  • Helps you recognize the beauty that shows up in your life

  • Creates more joy, love, connection - or whatever else you want!

As with most worthwhile things in life, living a life of intention takes inspired dedication and a lot of practice.

And as with any personal growth work, give yourself a lot of space, grace, and compassion.

The important thing is that you’re consciously bringing inspired thought and awareness into your life and there is no wrong way to do that.

4 ways to live a life with intention:

  1. Spend time in quiet reflection and contemplation. Daily. Remember - it all starts with you.

  2. Identify what really matters most to you. What do you value? What do you feel would enhance your situation, and how can you go about making that happen? What people or things do you perhaps need to let go of to create space for yourself?

  3. Practice, practice, practice. Choose one word of intention each day when you get up in the morning. Ask, ‘What do I want more of today?’ Then take note at the end of the day. How did it show up? How did it make you feel?

  4. Cultivate your intuition. You are the only one who truly knows what you want and what will make you happy and fulfilled. So, trust your instincts if they are leading you in a certain direction. Chances are that it’s taking you exactly where you need to be.


Monday Mindshift

It’s the 1° shift that makes the biggest difference over time.


  1. This week, wake up every day and choose your ‘word of intention’. Say to yourself, ‘Today I choose _____.’

  2. At the end of the day, journal about how that positively influenced you. Take note of whether you noticed how your ‘word of intention’ impacted you throughout your day.

“Intention is more than wishful thinking—it’s willful direction.

It is a philosophy of the heart put into practice, a consistency of conscious patterns

of thought, energy, and action. — Jennifer Williamson

If you still need a bit more inspiration I invite you to check out this link for lots of great ideas.

And may you always try to be brave enough to completely suck at, or master something new. :)


PS. I’d love to hear what activities you did to connect to your intentions! I invite you to share your thoughts and ideas with us in Thriving Mom’s Collective FB Group!


Living BRIGHTer is...

B - Be Brave

R - Cultivate Relationships

I - Live with Intention

G - Practice Gratitude

H - Prioritize Health

T - Live your Truth

What is Magenta?

The color magenta is one of universal harmony and emotional balance. It is spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life. Magenta helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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