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These are mostly self-help-y as I feel like they are most relevant for the space!
Note: I prefer to shop from local sellers whenever possible so I’ve linked to for the ones that are available there. If not, I’ve linked Amazon.


I am not a podcast aficionado by any stretch as it’s not my preferred medium. But here is one I would listen to over and over again if given the chance. Note: This is a work in progress.


Anything Brene Brown. Although she is no longer recording this podcast, there are some really great and entirely still relevant episodes to listen to!

> Check it out

Health & Wellness


Dr. Mary Claire Haver.png

Dr. Mary Claire Haver

Note: her ‘diet’ is really a lifestyle plan to change the way we eat in midlife due to all of the hormonal changes that happen during this period of time. She has so much great information both on her web site, and on Instagram - very factual about taking hormone replacement therapy, studies that have been done, etc. 

> View her website

Dr Mindy Pelz.png

Dr Mindy Pelz

Lots of great information about intermittent fasting and why women need to do it differently to take hormonal fluctuation into account. She has two books I would recommend if you are interested in learning more - The Menopause Reset and Fast Like a Girl

> View her website

Midi Health.png

Midi Health

A health tech startup that focuses on women in midlife and all stages of menopause. Many women have a hard time finding a Dr who will prescribe hormone replacement therapy due to outdated research about the potential impact on our health. There are lots of new studies being done that say that it’s safe for most women.

> View the website

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