Bridget has been honored to be a guest on the following podcasts where she describes her journey in the pursuit of passion and purpose.

Sweetest and Toughest Job : On episode 28, Bridget shares her personal journey and how she found her purpose and passion in life. It was not an easy road to navigate and at one point she almost lost her marriage because of it. Her story is relatable to any mom who might feel lost or like her life is slightly off course. Hosted by Rachel Olson, a mom of 3 young kids who is pursuing her passion through this podcast focusing on Pregnancy, Postpartum and Parenting.

Interesting People I know: Have you ever felt that you have everything in life that you should need to be happy....but you aren’t...and you don’t know why? You may feel scared, ashamed, alone - but you’re not. Listen to Carrie and her guest Bridget Belden discuss the “having and being it all myths” that can leave us lacking passion, presence and fulfillment in our lives. Hosted by Carrie Freitas, a mom of two and a passionate and curious connector with an incredible group of brilliant authentic friends. 

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