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How to Reinvent Yourself After a Empty Nest

The time has come for that bittersweet moment when your kids are taking flight. You probably feel a whole range of emotions - everything from mourning the end of this chapter you have been writing for the past 18+ years, to taking measurements for the big screen TV you’ll be placing in your recently acquired extra bedroom turned gym - or anything and everything in between. 

No matter what you’re feeling, you are not alone! This time can be fraught with ups and downs as you navigate your new normal. After over 18 years of playing a central role in your kids' lives, it’s time to set them free. 

But now what? 

How do you go from being ‘mom on call’ back to you? Just who are you anyway? You’ve spent so many years doing for and taking care of everyone else, that you may be left feeling a little unsteady as to what your new role is. Guess what? It’s time for a little reinvention. 

Reinventing yourself after an empty nest can feel overwhelming. You may be downright terrified by the fact that you have absolutely no idea who you are beyond being a mom. But I’m here to tell you - this is where the magic happens! 


Reinventing yourself after an empty nest doesn’t have to be a burden or something you ‘have’ to do. Instead, consider it something you ‘get’ to do.

You finally have the opportunity to start making choices about who you are and what you want your life to look like.


  • Have you always wanted to take piano? Great! Sign up for those lessons. 

  • Do you love to travel? Amazing. Start planning that first trip. 

  • Have you lost connection with your besties from high school - pick a couple of dates and get a ladies weekend on the calendar. 

If you start from a place of possibility, you will only be stopped by the limits of your imagination. Treat reinventing yourself after an empty nest as a game!

So the first step? After you get that TV hung in your new gym, ask yourself - what do I want? How long has it been since you asked that question? 

If you’re anything like most of my clients, it’s been way too long. 


Pathway to Purpose Breakthrough Session

Move forward with confidence
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Bridget guides in a warm, trustworthy and genuine way. She helps you define your goals and provides tools that work to move you forward. She is a great support but also holds you accountable. My biggest struggle is trying to find myself and figure out what I want after being so focused on raising my kids and not..making intentional choices for me. I have learned how important it is to have and keep a routine. She has given me the tools to pause and take a step back…and to alleviate feelings of anxiety and overwhelm and to fight my inner voice that is negatively critiquing me.

- KM

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