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Empowering Women in Midlife Transitions: Rewrite Your Narrative

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Surrounding Yourself with Positive and Supportive People

Happy Labor Day to all my American and Canadian friends! I hope you’re celebrating the holiday with your family and friends … after reading my email of course. 😉

This is a pretty significant weekend – one that’s ripe with tradition and meaning. Beyond being a great time for BBQ’s, it’s when wearing white becomes no longer ‘acceptable’ (ha!) and when our kids head back to school.

As we talked about last week, September’s arrival also signifies a seasonal transition. It’s when we go from summer to fall . And if you recall, transition and transformation are central for us in midlife!

Speaking of midlife, a common question that often arises is, "Do women have midlife crises?" This intriguing phenomenon isn't limited to just one gender; both men and women can experience midlife crises, although they may manifest differently.

For some of us – moms especially – this weekend may involve some sadness over the end of summer and it's easy, breezy, homework-free days. For others, it could mean grieving as your kids head off to college, either for the first time or after having them back with you for the summer. Or maybe – if your kids are adults now – all the back-to-school signs and sales have you feeling wistful for the days of making lunches and checking homework.

Wherever you are in your mom journey – I see you!

I want to acknowledge ALL the moms out there who are now in their midlife chapter, including those who may not resonate so much with the ‘empty nest’ messaging I’ve focused on over the past few years as I’ve built my business.

You see, I too have been going through an exciting transition 🥳 and I want to share an update about what you’ll notice with my messaging moving forward.

As you know, I launched my business specifically to support moms going through the midlife transition of facing an empty nest. These past few years I have been honored to support many of you on your journey as you learned to rediscover yourself and who you are beyond being a mom. I’ve witnessed so many beautiful transformations doing this work, including the recognition that for women, midlife brain fog is real.

  • A mom who thought she might divorce her husband because they were having a hard time communicating, but who learned that by working on herself, she could show up differently and, in turn, he would respond to her in a new way. They started their second chapter with a new understanding of each other and have since co-created a beautiful life together.

  • A mom who wanted to be a mom all her life – and who did it brilliantly but found herself a little lost and wondering what came next when her last chick left the nest. Together we dug deep so she could explore other interests, and by the end of our six months together, she had a new ‘part time’ job as an assistant mountain biking coach to her husband, along with a new favorite pastime that she was considering turning into a business.

  • A mom who had always wanted to be a writer but who’d been told by her high school creative writing teacher that she wasn’t any good. Despite her deep passion for writing, she had always avoided exploring it. We worked together to overcome her fear of failure, and not only did she start writing again, but she also started her own publishing company and co-authored a children’s book with her daughter!

Today I want to acknowledge each of these women – and many, many others – for the work they’ve done to overcome their fear of taking risks. These are women who have bravely rewritten the stories of what they can and can’t do; they’re stepping forward into a world full of possibility where the only limits are their imaginations.

I’ve learned a lot through my work with these women – most especially that:

  1. Transitioning to an empty nest is just one of many transitions we experience during this period of time we call midlife. We also lose jobs, retire, move, divorce, suffer the loss of loved ones, become caregivers to our parents or in-laws, face health challenges, and take care of our spouses, partners or kids who face health challenges….. And on top of all of that….. MENOPAUSE! 😤

  2. Regardless of what transition we’re going through, the crap that gets in our way is the same. We come up against our fears, our stories, our limiting beliefs, and our lack of willingness to prioritize our own needs amongst the needs of so many others.

As I reflected on these two key things, it occurred to me, why not focus on empowering all women – not just moms – as they navigate their midlife transitions, whatever they happen to be?

Because it really doesn’t matter what the cause of the transition is – the support and tools necessary to move through it are the same.


Monday Mindshift

It’s the 1° shift that makes the biggest difference over time.

If you’ve found yourselves reading my emails and thinking ‘some of what she says makes sense, but I don’t relate to the whole “empty nest” thing so that must mean she’s not talking to me,’ let me take this opportunity to clarify:

If you are a woman in midlife, I am talking to YOU!

If you are a woman

I am excited about what’s next – both for me and for you – as I shift my messaging to support ALL WOMEN IN MIDLIFE to navigate the transitions they’re facing. I’m thrilled about having the chance to help empower you as you navigate through this transformative time – whatever things end up looking like on the other side of all the change in front of you.

Regardless of what you’re facing, I’ll be cheering you on and reminding you that there is nothing wrong with you. You’re not having a midlife crisis! You are exactly where you are meant to be right now – where so many other women are too: facing uncertainty about what’s next.

Let’s see if we can breathe into that uncertainty together and shift it to a place where we can all be excited about what’s next. ♥



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