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How you and your partner can grow together

Your Magenta Monday Magic.

This Monday is all about reconnecting with your significant other, partner, or spouse.

As kids get older, and with every milestone, the relationship you have with your “person” will be impacted in some way.

As new parents, the arrival of babies impacted your marriage significantly. More responsibility and a lot less sleep can put a lot of stress on an otherwise happy union.

And as kids grow, and our roles evolve, we parents are provided with new opportunities to grow together or grow apart.

Despite having been through major upheaval early in our marriage, my husband and I have had to course correct numerous times over the past 30 years - especially as our kids started to leave the nest.

We have argued about how best to support them and we weren’t always on the same page. Thankfully, because we had to learn how to communicate, we eventually worked our way through it to find common ground. Most of the time. ;)

Now that my husband is of retirement age (and has no intention of doing so quite yet) our marriage is nearing another potential road bump.

While I’ve spent my recent years focusing on moms - myself included - and this huge transition we’re going through, I’m seeing the reality of what the experience can be like for men firsthand.

Think about it. All he’s ever known is to provide for our family. It’s a tremendous amount of pressure! And now all of a sudden he’s going to stop working?

Not only that, but he’s not entirely sure how he wants to spend his free time. Throw in the recent loss of his dad, highlighting his own sense of mortality and well…

Yikes! That’s a lot! And let me tell you, our relationship has felt it.

When you consider that each of us is going through huge identity shifts it’s no wonder we can lose sight of each other as we navigate this new terrain.

It’s a lot to keep up with! And it’s easy to get focused on our own stuff and to forget to connect with our partner.

This week is all about strengthening your relationship and thinking up ways that you can connect with your partner because,

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” —Audrey Hepburn


Monday Mindshift

  1. Think of 3 ways that you can connect with your partner. For example: Ask him out on a date. Get fancy and go out for a quiet dinner, or gather all the ingredients for a beautiful meal that you prepare at home together. Make each other the center of the universe for the entire evening. Don’t forget the wine!

How do you reconnect with your partner? Here’s the link to share.

Love Xoxo,


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What is Magenta?

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