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Why it’s so important to prioritize your physical health!

Your Magenta Monday Magic.

Hi my beautiful friends! This week we are prioritizing your Physical Health!

A bit about my physical journey…

I have been doing some sort of regular exercise since high school.

It started with running - or more aptly described ‘jogging’. I can’t remember now what inspired me to start, except that I was preparing to go away to college in San Diego, which led me to rethink everything about my life.

In college, I continued to work out, but apparently not vigorously enough to keep up with the bagels, pizza, and beer that I consumed as an out-of-place, awkward freshman.

Helloooooooo freshman 20!

The summer following freshman year, my friends and I stayed in San Diego, and I became more vigilant about regulating my eating habits and workout routine.

I took aerobics classes regularly and yes, continued to jog. I’ll never forget the shiny lycra g- string leotards I wore jamming to those 80s hits in class. Yikes.

I certainly gave Jane Fonda a run for her money!

All joking aside, that period in my life was very formative for me as I learned about nutrition, and eventually started to cook more so that I could control what I was putting into my mouth. Food magazines such as Cooking Light became my go-to’s.

There are so many ways you can prioritize your physical health…and they’re all important!

Especially during the menopause years! Think about it: if your dream is to travel, or you love to hike, you can’t do that when you have heart disease, bad knees, or extra weight. Being in pain also weighs heavily on your spiritual and mental health. If you can’t get up and out, it’s easy to get depressed or feel crappy about yourself.

(For more information on why staying fit during menopause is so important, click here).

There are obvious things like drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating right. But some of the things we don’t think about are keeping up with your Dr. appointments - even the unpleasant ones - mammograms, well-woman checks, colonoscopies, and the dentist.

As I’ve gotten older, the dentist has become one of my least favorite appointments, but poor dental hygiene has been shown to indicate a higher incidence of coronary disease, so I make sure I keep up on it. Whether I want to or not.


Monday Mindshift

Activity - take 30 minutes of reflection time specifically around your physical health.

Choose 1 thing you can do to get started on to improve your Physical Health TODAY - walking, trying a yoga class, drinking more water, or inviting a friend to play golf. Make that commitment to YOU.

And, even if you are new to it all and your physical health has not been a priority up until now, it’s never too late to start!

Remember, every journey needs a first step.

Love Xoxo,


Living BRIGHTer is...

B - Be Brave

R - Cultivate Relationships

I - Live with Intention

G - Practice Gratitude

H - Prioritize Health

T - Live your Truth

What is Magenta?

The color magenta is one of universal harmony and emotional balance. It is spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life. Magenta helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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