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It’s time to stretch, Ladies!

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Your Magenta Monday Magic.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ―E.E. Cummings

August has ‘come in like a lion’ once again.

If your kids still live at home, they are likely enjoying the last lazy pool days with friends and getting ready to go back to start a fresh, new school year.

And they aren’t the only ones.

The dog days of summer are a great time to check in to see if you’re inspired and feeling confident as you work toward creating a life you love.

Or, maybe you need a little extra motivation?

I’m not saying that there has to be some grand gesture taking center stage like starting your own company or quitting your job.

Sometimes a little shift is all it takes.

Maybe something very simple like signing up for an art class.

Or a swing dancing lesson.

If there is anything that you’ve always wanted to try and just never got around to it…this is the perfect time to dare to get on out there and try something new!

This month’s ‘Be Brave’ pillar is all about discovering and living your authentic life.

  • It’s about not living by anyone else’s rules or living up to anyone else’s standards.

  • It’s about adjusting your comfort level.

  • It’s about pushing your “edge” a bit and taking intentional baby steps towards your own personal development and new growth.

Because if you’re not growing, you’re not living!

“Being brave means knowing that when you fail, you don’t fail forever.” ―Lana Del Rey


Monday Mindshift

Exercise - Identify an area where you are no longer growing and keep getting stuck in a rut.

This week’s activity is all about getting a bit “uncomfortable” with your comfort zone.


  • Download the attached Blueprint to use as a resource to help you explore an area where you are letting fear stop you.

  • Make a list of all the things that you’ve wanted to do - painting? Get certified in yoga? Start your own business? Go back to school?

  • Start making a list of the steps you can take to make it happen.

It’s time to find your voice. Take up space. And roar!

I invite you to take note of how you feel before and after the exercise and please share any thoughts and inspirations in our Thriving Moms Collective FB Group to help empower others.

And, if you find yourself butting up against resistance that’s okay! It takes real courage to take new risks and try new things.

Go forth and Be Brave!

Love Xoxo,


Living BRIGHTer is...

B - Be Brave

R - Cultivate Relationships

I - Live with Intention

G - Practice Gratitude

H - Prioritize Health

T - Live your Truth

What is Magenta?

The color magenta is one of universal harmony and emotional balance. It is spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life. Magenta helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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