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Reserving Space for Fear and Excitement: A Path to Fulfillment

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Surrounding Yourself with Positive and Supportive People

Here we are in the final stretch of 2023. Can you believe it? Where does time go?

The other day I was thinking about how often in life we have to pick between two things – choosing EITHER this OR that.

Chocolate OR vanilla? Red OR white? Still OR sparkling? 💁

I know these examples are really simple. Things get a little more complex when we consider the idea of EITHER/OR when it comes to our emotions. That’s where we often mistakenly think we have to choose one feeling OR the other:

If we’re grieving, we think we can’t be joyful.

If we’re angry, we think we can’t allow room for levity.

If we’re afraid of making a big move, we think we can’t feel hopeful that it will all work out.

We often think we have to choose EITHER this OR that when it comes to feelings and emotions.

But what if you don’t have to choose? What if your choices aren’t EITHER/OR? What if you can choose BOTH options instead of one OR the other. What if you could make room for this AND that?

Take personal growth work for example. It’s so effing hard sometimes…. but when you are deeply committed to growth, you have to make hard choices, even though it can be terrifying. 😟 The thing is though; you don’t have to live in the binary – in the place where it’s EITHER safe OR terrifying.

What if you could allow your journey to be terrifying AND beautiful at the same time? What if you could let the prospect of the unknown be exciting? What if you could make room for both fear and excitement?

There have been so many times on my journey when I’ve been completely paralyzed with fear; fear of the unknown; fear of what other people thought; fear of failure. So many times I just wanted to curl up in a ball until the pain that was calling me to do something different just went away.

But guess what? It never did.

And eventually, I always got to a point where I HAD to act, even though I was terrified. That’s when I had to look fear in the face and do it anyway. That’s when I realized I could have room for both fear and excitement.

In the years since I’ve learned an important lesson – that moving through fear is a little easier when I make room for excitement about what is possible for me.

There have been many times along the way when it’s been really hard. But by embracing that as part of the process of getting to the other side – alongside joy passion and purpose – I have been able to create this amazing life I love.

So whatever you’re facing that might feel scary or uncomfortable, keep in mind that you don’t have to sit EITHER in fear OR excitement. You can allow room for both. And when you can do that, things start to feel a little less frightening. 😊


Monday Mindshift

It’s the 1° shift that makes the biggest difference over time.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that taking the steps through a journey of personal growth is hard, AND it is also the most rewarding, fulfilling, exciting work you’ll ever do!

I leave you with this reminder:

You can’t know joy without knowing pain.

You can’t know love without knowing loss.

You can’t know hope without knowing fear.

You can’t know peace without knowing chaos.

That is the nature of our human experience. We have to make room for both the light and the dark. You can’t have one without the other. The next time you find yourself faced with a scary choice, remember, that it might not feel good in the moment, but it could also be the best thing you’ve ever done. ♥



Living BRIGHTer is...

B - Be Brave

R - Cultivate Relationships

I - Live with Intention

G - Practice Gratitude

H - Prioritize Health

T - Live your Truth

What is Magenta?

The color magenta is one of universal harmony and emotional balance. It is spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life. Magenta helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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